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Youth Groups,
Adult Groups, Etc.


400 Churches
from all over the Midwest bring:

* Youth Groups *

*College Groups *

* Singles *

* Married Couples *

* Father - Son's *

* Daddy - Daughter's *

* Adult Groups (both Men's & Women's) *

Promised Land is for ALL Ages 12 to 112:
Boys, Girls, Men & Women!

Over 12,000 Girls!

Over 5000 age 45 to 67!

Many Hundreds of Grandparents!


Our Purpose
This park was built for the purpose of: Growing YOUR Youth Group, Growing YOUR Church, And most importantly, Expanding the Numbers Of Those Who Will Live Forever In God's Kingdom.

Our Friendly Refs are always eager to Help The Kids

Leaders & Many Others Play FREE
In order to accomplish our goals, we've decided to allow all pastors, youth pastors, and their wives, to play totally free of charge. In addition, we encourage you to bring your church members, and especially your visitors who cannot afford this type of outing. We will discount their price, up to 100% if need be. Our mission, direction and focus is on doing the Lord's work. But . . .

We can't help it if doing the Lord's work is also a lot of fun!

Christians do know how to have lots of fun!
And we don't need alcohol, drugs or other sinful behavior to have a great time!

Promised Land Park Is The Living Proof
And A Great Place To Make That Point To Your Youth Group


"The Badlands" is Divided into 7 Big Territories:
Death Valley, Black Hills, Wounded Knee, The Outpost, Horse Shoe, Deadwood, and The Peak, which rises nearly 80 Feet above the rest of the Park! The team that conquers the most territories by the end of the game, wins! Each Territory has a flag station with a Red and Blue flag. Your Mission: To "Command and Conquer" The Badlands, by capturing more territories than you opponents. Each time you capture a territory, raise your flag, as your opponents flag comes down.

Think Your Done? Not a Chance!
Now that you've captured a territory, your team needs to go further and try to capture more. But! Which territories are already in the hands of the enemy? Should you send out a spy to find out? Should you just organize another platoon to "move out" and try to capture another one? Should you leave some defenders to hold the territory you just captured? If you do leave defenders, how many?

It Doesn't Matter Whether You're a Newbie Or Experienced Player
Playing Command and Conquer is always a Blast! Newbies always have fun just exploring this huge area as they battle their opponents. Experienced players can test their skills in leadership and battlefield tactics as they devise strategies and then carry them out in their effort to Command and Conquer The Badlands!

All This Fun & Adventure Is Close By!

Church groups often need to travel hours to get to high quality private recreational parks, but we're right in your own back yard!

As far as we know, you could search the entire Earth for a park set up like this, and the only place you'll find it is right here in your own back yard!

Just 15 minutes West of I-94 on HWY C between Trevor and Wilmot. This is 3 miles West of HWY 83, on the South side of HWY C.

Look for a small sign with the light blue words "Promised Land" on the South side of Hwy C.

Directions to Promised Land Park

All Funds Received From Christian Organizations Are Donations.

Promised Land Paintball

Main Phone: 262-694-1540
Secondary Phone: 262-862-7219
Fax: 262-694-2498

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Mailing Address: 7815 113th Ave. - Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Park Address: 29039 Hwy C - Trevor, WI 53179 (Kenosha County)

Promised Land Paintball has
Full Safety-Certification
from Insur-A-Sport.

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