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Youth Groups,
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Dept. of Defense
SULE Training


Promised Land
is a
DOD Contractor:
DUNS: 027794051



* 12 Years Old & Up.

* Are You or any Guests you'd like to bring under 18 years old?  Anyone under 18 MUST have a parent-signed Waiver BEFORE playing.  Remember, Members only need to do this once per year.  The easiest way to get a Waiver is to print one from our Website:

* Also eligible are: National Guard, Coast Guard, Enlistees in Armed Service, ROTC, FBI, Fire Fighters (including volunteers), EMTs, Paramedics, and Emergency Dispatchers.  If you aren't sure if you are eligible, simply call us and ask.

Promised Land Paintball

Main Phone: 262-694-1540
Secondary Phone: 262-862-7219
Fax: 262-694-2498

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Mailing Address: 7815 113th Ave. - Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Park Address: 29039 Hwy C - Trevor, WI 53179 (Kenosha County)