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Youth Groups,
Adult Groups, Etc.


Entry Fee: $20 for Non-Members
$15 for Members (Save $5 each time you play)
Rental Fee:

$15 for Non-Members
$10 for Members (Save $5 each time you rent)

Semi-Automatic Gun with Unlimited CO2 Refills
Anti-fog Full Protection Mask

You may bring your own semi-automatic or pump gun. Fully-automatic guns are NOT allowed.

You may also bring your own mask, but it MUST be a full-protection mask that has eye, ear, nose and mouth protection. No exceptions.

Group Rates:

We have Special Group Rates for pre-paid Groups of 10 to 250 people.

Group Organizers, Pastors and Church Youth Group Leaders play FREE!

for Your Group Online




Membership Signup is Only $5 for Non-Members!
Apply for Membership after playing.

There is no fee for Current Members who play at least once per year.

Membership is NOT guaranteed.
You must Apply AND be Approved.

How do I become a Member?

Paintball Prices:

Bag: 100 premium paintballs $6
1/4 Case: 500 premium paintballs $25
(Save 15%)
1/2 Case: 1000 premium paintballs $45
(Save 25%)
Full Case: 2000 premium paintballs $75
(Save 35%)

Field Paintballs Only. This means you must buy our paintballs over the counter at the park. No Carry-on Paintballs. However, you CAN use carry-on paintballs in our shooting gallery.

CO2 Fill Prices:

FREE! CO2 All Day if you Rent a paintball gun from us.

$3 per CO2 fill if you do NOT Rent a paintball gun from us.
(Up to 20 oz. tank)

Note: We do NOT fill Nitrogen/Compressed Air.

  Paintball Accessories: You can purchase paintball guns, masks, tanks, and other accessories in our store at Promised Land on Your game day.
  Food & Drinks:

$2 Hot Dog & Chips
$3 Brat & Chips
$4 Famous Dave's BBQ Sandwich & Chips
(when available)

$1 Candy
$1 Snacks

$1 Soda
$1 Gatorade

We accept all major Credit Cards.
Discover - Visa - MasterCard - AmEx

Promised Land Paintball

Main Phone: 262-694-1540
Secondary Phone: 262-862-7219
Fax: 262-694-2498

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Mailing Address: 7815 113th Ave. - Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Park Address: 29039 Hwy C - Trevor, WI 53179 (Kenosha County)

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