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Open to ANYONE who has Played
at Promised Land in the Past
and their Guests!

BIG GAME Schedule
2015 Season

BIG Games include many Unique & Exciting Scenario Games and run on Saturdays one after another continuously. 9AM - 4pm.

ALL BIG GAMES are on Saturdays.

May 16


ALL Girls get FREE Entry & FREE Rental!
This includes ALL Female Guests of Members!

June 13
Dad gets FREE Entry & FREE Rental
when he Plays with his Son or Daughter!

July 11
Print a "Member FREE Entry . . ." Coupon!

Aug. 8
Print a "Member FREE Entry . . ." Coupon!

Oct. 10

Nov. 7

The above dates & times are 99.9% solid. There's a chance that a date or time could change.
Special offers are subject to change without notice. You can check back here or call to verify.

Famous Dave's Sandwiches
Available for Lunch!


How Do I Become a Member?

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Promised Land Paintball is a Private Club. You can play here if you have Played Here in the Past or if you are a Guest of someone who has played here in the past. We are NOT open to the public. NO WALK-ONS are allowed.

Members may bring as many Guests with them as they'd like, but Members are responsible for all of their Guests. Guest behavior will reflect on a Member's Membership. In other words, bring your well behaved friends, not your bad friends, if you have any bad ones ;-)

Introductory Membership Sign-up is Only $5 for Non-Members! There is no fee for Current Members. Guests of Members may Apply for Membership at the end of the day, AFTER they play. Completing an Application for Membership does NOT guarantee Membership.

Members are invited to attend all BIG Games this season. BIG Games include many unique & exciting scenario games.

The BIG Game Schedule is on the back of your membership card. If you're a member but don't have your membership card yet, ask for it the first time you come to the park.

Members may also play on NON-BIG GAME days. However, you MUST Reserve a Date for your group paintball outing. Click here for details.


Open to ANYONE who has Played
at Promised Land in the Past
and their Guests!


You can arrive any time between 9 AM and 4 PM, but if you want to get into the first game, arrive no later than 9:30 AM.

Famous Dave's BBQ
Famous Dave's Sandwiches
Available for Lunch!


BIG Game Schedule

Drawings for free prizes!
Things like bags of paintballs, gift certificates, and paintball accessories, etc. will be given away.

Exciting "Scenario Games"!
In addition to good ol' Capture The Flag games, you'll play special and unusual scenario games with a plot and a mission! A few of the scenario games we may play:

Scenario: Outlaw Island
The year is 2019 and the public is tired of paying for an out of control prison system. The answer . . . Outlaw Island. A prison paradise? No Way! Now you and your fellow inmates fight for some of the most disgusting food on the planet!

Scenario: The Nuke
The "bad guys" want to nuke the area with a "Suitcase Nuclear Bomb"! The bomb has a count-down timer visible from the outside so you can see how long you have to disarm it - just like the movies! Your Mission: Disarm "The Nuke" before you're all vaporized! Yes, we actually have a "Nuke Simulator" complete with a big electronic count down timer!

Scenario: Command & Conquer
Seven Flag Stations and huge hills and valleys on an enormous field make this the biggest and most challenging game of them all!. Capture and defend strongholds - lowering as many enemy flags as you can and raising your own in victory!

* This is a Continuous Play version with Hospitals!

Badlands Map
Devise your plan to Command & Conquer the Badlands!


$15 Entry
$10 Rental (If needed)

Guests of Members:
$20 Entry
$15 Rental (If needed)

"The Nuke"
Disarm "The Nuke"!
But Don't Push the Wrong Button!

We have 250 rental guns and masks available. These will be rented out on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. You can come as early as 9:00 AM to rent your equipment.

Minors need to bring a Waiver with a parent signature. You can Print It right from this web site.

Any Questions?
Call 262-694-1540


How Do I Become a Member?

Click here to read Terms of Membership.

Promised Land Paintball

Main Phone: 262-694-1540
Secondary Phone: 262-862-7219
Fax: 262-694-2498

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Park Address: 29039 Hwy C - Trevor, WI 53179 (Kenosha County)

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