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Promised Land Paintball is America's Best Christian Paintball Park!
Over 400 Church Youth Groups from all over the Midwest play at Promised Land Paintball! Our Purpose is to help grow God's Kingdom with this Unique Ministry! Promised Land Paintball is used by churches to Strengthen Relationships between Teens in Youth Groups and between Teens and Youth Group Leaders! We are also used as a Great Outreach! Paintball is an Absolute Blast! Play Paintball with Your Youth Group at Promised Land Paintball!


In order to truly understand what Promised Land is about, you first need to get some insight into who we are, and our values as a family.

My wife and I have been Kenosha County residents for over 30 years. The family members, beside myself, are: My wife Diann, three sons, Jim, Tim and Kevin, and one daughter, Carrie. More about them a few paragraphs down.


I'm a graduate from Marquette University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I was previously a co-owner of Pinter Construction, and presently owner of Midwest Controls, a small but successful design and engineering company producing products such as robotic machine controls, electronics for restaurant equipment, and in-store display electronics.

Even though I've been successful in business for many years, being in business and the idea of making money is low on my list of priorities. Having a family with a wife and children who love you is one of the most precious treasures anyone could have. We've discovered many secrets to keeping a loving family relationship going, and have done our best to help others do the same. I've been a Sunday school teacher and teen youth group leader for more than half my life. My focus has been mostly on teens. This is the age where family bliss can suddenly turn into a nightmare. Teens anxious to be accepted by other teens are often led into a dark abyss of drugs, alcohol or sex, in a pursuit of "fun" and "acceptance". It doesn't have to be this way, and many families, including mine, are living examples of what can be achieved with love, understanding, communication and a whole lot of time and effort. This takes more than just "directing teens". It also means helping them to see that life can be full of fun, excitement, and fulfillment, without getting into trouble or ruining one's life. Simply ordering a teenager to do this or that may sometimes seem to be the "easy way" to get what you want out of a teen, but it never works in the long run.

Helping a teenager develop an inner desire to be responsible and accountable takes lots of dedicated effort. Some of the very things that often draw teens into trouble, such as a search for fun and excitement, can be the very same things which can be used to help keep them on a straight track. You just need to have the patience, understanding, firm resolve, lots of imagination, and some of those embers of your own youth still burning inside. But most of all, you need a deep desire and dedication within yourself to make a positive difference in the lives of our young people.

Don't get me wrong. I don't claim to have all the answers, or to have done everything right. Even though I have always tried to do my best to help teens, at times I would fall short of what I wished I could have done. In one particular case, the results were heartbreaking. Included is a letter published in the Kenosha News VOP in 1990, about an event that helped me learn a very hard lesson. But even in tragedy there is often a silver lining. Events like these can often strengthen a person's resolve to go that extra mile when it comes to doing our best for our Kenosha youth. I know it has for me.

Don't wait too long
To the Editor:
I met him when he was only six years old, and even though I was with him for just five minutes, I never forgot Danny Hilliard. My wife and I took our two young sons to a drive in movie that warm July night in 1979. The loud sound of crashing metal and glass sent me running toward the accident. The man and woman in the front seat were motionless and covered with blood. As my trembling hands reached into the car to see if they were alive, I saw the frightened little boy in the back seat. After I rushed around to the back of the car to help him, I gently put my hand up to the side of his face to protect his young frightened eyes from seeing the horrifying sight of his parents. I tried to calm him by talking to him. I don't remember all that I said, but I do remember that I wanted to tell him everything was all right. That was the one thing I couldn't say. Everything wasn't all right. I spent the longest five minutes of my life with Danny before the rescue workers finally arrived. When I got home, I just sat there and cried.

Even though this happened over 11 years ago, I often found myself wondering how he was doing without his parents. I have a Wednesday night teen group at Kenosha Church of God, where I help teens to understand the real values and priorities in life. I decided to try and find Danny and invite him to our class. But I was busy with so many of life's details, and I just kept putting it off.

I then read the story about the body found in the Marina. All of the pain came back as I continued through the article and realized that this was the same boy I tried to help on that tragic July night. I felt even worse when I found that he lived only a few blocks from the church where I have the teen class. I don't know if he would have come, and I don't know if I would have been able to help him. I do know that I waited until it was too late.

Every community has teens who could use a helping hand, and Kenosha is no exception. Don't make the same mistake I did. Sometimes just a little effort from a caring adult can be the small beginning of a big change. You don't need special skills or a classroom. You only need a little love in your heart, and a desire to help.

Rick Pinter


Besides being my wife and high school sweetheart, Diann shares the same values as myself, and has been instrumental in our work with young people. In addition to having taught a number of church youth groups, Diann is presently a volunteer counselor for imprisoned girls in the Southern Oaks Girls School Correctional Facility. She is assigned just one girl at a time and visits with her every Tuesday night. Diann's goal in this endeavor is to encourage wayward girls to develop better relationships with God and their parents, and to inspire an inner resolve to toss aside the ruinous life style that has landed them under lock and key. She remains ready to help, whether the girls are in the correctional facility or after they get out, as a friend they can come to any time.

Kurt is the youngest brother of Diann. He helps out in the building in various ways and is always very friendly and helpful. He is a mechanical design engineer in Milwaukee and is very active in his church. Kurt is also one of the founders of "Christian Crew Gaming", a faith based gaming community. You can often find him as an admin "in game", in the Forums or on Team Speak.


As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Computer Science, Jim is owner of Data Design Solutions, a custom software engineering and consulting company that creates database applications for companies and local governments mainly in the greater Milwaukee and greater Chicago areas. He also owns and runs a DJ company, Digital Jim's DJ Service, that primarily DJs Christian weddings. He is responsible for upkeep of the Promised Land computer systems and network. He is in charge of the sound system and Christian music that is constantly played at Promised Land. He is the Webmaster of this web site,, and as well as many other websites. As a former two-year President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) in college, Jim has solid experience in the guidance of college age students. Jim is a Royal Ranger Commander at First Assembly of God church in Kenosha, WI. He helps coach the Christian Life School wrestling team with his brothers Tim, Kevin & Dave. Jim also created and maintains the CLS Wrestling website He is also the Youth Football Director at Christian Life School and Head Coach of the CLS 5th & 6th Grade football team. Jim also created and maintains the CLS Football website


She married Jim on September. 9th, 1995 to become the first addition to the Pinter Family since Rick and Diann's last child, Kevin in 1983. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin and now teaches Calculus at Christian Life School (CLS) in Kenosha, WI during the non-summer months and works in the Club House at Promised Land Park during the Summer. She is a genuinely pleasant and friendly person, and cheerfully works behind the counter helping customers with whatever they might need.


In times of personal troubles, Tim is always ready and able to talk with a troubled teen and help them make the right decisions about difficult choices in life. This, of course, often includes encouragement to share these thoughts with their parents. He often comes up with stories of his own teenage years and reminds them, "I was your age not too long ago". Tim has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin. He also works as the Dean of Students at Christian Life School (CLS) in Kenosha, WI during the non-summer months and works at Promised Land Park during the Summer. Tim is co-owner of Cornerstone Construction, which specializes in ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) structures.


She married Tim on May 30th, 1998. Like Shelly, she is a welcome addition to the family. She was a Sunday school teacher for kids. She graduated from Carthage College with a degree in education and has worked in Kenosha Unified as a teacher. We are fortunate to have Cassi as another friendly worker behind the counter. Cassi is a former Mrs. Wisconsin. She owns a professional photography company, Radiant Life Photography.


This one was definitely a "Daddy's Girl" from birth. Carrie has earned a degree in Physics and Education from Carthage College and teaches High School Physics. All this is well and good, but what makes her really shine is her "heart of gold". She was also a Sunday school teacher for kids. She is presently "Head Ref" for our paintball games. Carrie, her mom, and her sister-in-laws like to enjoy an exciting game of "capture the flag", especially when they can get a group of other girls together.


Dave and Carrie were married June 6th 2003. Like Shelly and Cassi, he is a welcome addition to the family. He is known as "Brother" by Jim, Tim, and Kevin. Dave is a Kenosha County Sheriff's Deputy. It's nice to have a police officer "undercover" at Promised Land while Dave is off-duty. :-)


He's the youngest son of Rick and Diann. He's a very versatile guy and helps in all sorts of important areas. Getting Promised Land Park to where it is now has taken thousands of man hours of work, and Kevin has been an important asset in making that happen . Kevin was a wrestling State Place Winner for Tremper H.S. in Kenosha, WI where he was a standout wrestler. He has a degree from the University of Wisconsin in History. He has taught High School History locally. In 2011, he returned from a long term mission in South Africa with his wife Christine.


Christine (Teen) is married to Kevin. She has a huge positive energy in a small body. She is extremely friendly and helps customers with care, speed and a great big smile. She helps out behind the counter in the building on game days and does many various important jobs on the non-game days. She is Kevin's partner in every way. They do everything together, including their many important jobs for Promised Land. In 2011, she returned from a long term mission in South Africa with her husband Kevin.

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