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Youth Groups,
Adult Groups, Etc.

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SULE Training


Promised Land
is a
DOD Contractor:
DUNS: 027794051


* April 18 * May 2 * June 6 * September 26/27 Overnight Game* October 25 *

MiR Tactical
* May 17 * June 14 * July 12 * October 18 *

Call 262-694-1540.




Airsoft Games 2015:

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America's Best Christian Paintball Park!
The Ultimate Recreational Paintball Park for Safe, Fun & Family-Friendly Paintball!

><> Private Park! <> Not Open To The Public! <> NO WALK ONS! <><

><> Open to Previous Customers and their Guests & Pre-Registered Groups! <><

><> All Outdoors! <> All Woods! <> NO Nitro! <> NO Paintball Team Jerseys! <><

If You're Looking For Family-Friendly Paintball, Call Us 262-694-1540!

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What Do You Like BEST
about Promised Land Paintball?

   Christian Owned and Operated!

   Built for Church Youth Groups!

   Awesome Playing Fields!

   Family Friendly Atmosphere!

   Beautiful Private Park Setting!

   Great Customer Service!

   Good Clean Fun!

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Famous Dave's Sandwiches
Available for Lunch!

18th Annual

FREE Entry & FREE Rental!
TBD, 2015!

About Promised Land Paintball . . .

Promised Land Paintball is different from any other paintball park . . .

Promised Land Paintball is America's Best Christian Paintball Park!
Our Purpose is to help grow God's Kingdom with this Unique Ministry! Promised Land Paintball is used by churches to Strengthen Relationships between Teens in Youth Groups and between Teens and Youth Group Leaders! We are also used as a Great Outreach! Paintball is an Absolute Blast! Play Paintball with Your Youth Group at Promised Land Paintball!

Well over 250 Church Youth Groups from all over the Midwest play at Promised Land Paintball! Some up to 3 times a year! Every year, thousands of people drive 2 to 5 Hours and pass 4 or more other paintball parks to play here! People even fly in from all over the United States for a paintball outing at Promised Land Paintball!

Promised Land Paintball is "one of the very Best paintball parks of any kind in the United States"!
That's according to PMI (Pursuit Marketing, Inc.), the World's Largest Distributor and Manufacturer of Paintball Products. PMI came from their World Headquarters to experience Promised Land Paintball!

"Once you've played at Promised Land Paintball, you won't want to play anywhere else!"

Promised Land Features:


Here are some of the things people are telling us:

"WOW!! Your fields look incredible. And finally, a field that has a family oriented attitude. Finally a decent looking paintball field!" - Ryan C. - Lake Zurich, IL

"Dear Pinter Family and Promised Land Staff, I wanted to thank for your Father's Day Program that my two sons and I attended today. I could not think of better way to spend a beautiful Saturday. I had been looking for a new activity that my sons' and I could share as they got older. I had read several articles from Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family about how important it is to spend time in an activity you and your children enjoy. I had found fun things to do with all my four children, except my second oldest. After today, that is no longer a problem. He loves Paintball and cannot wait for the next Big Game. I am sure the Lord will continue to bless your business based on the fun, and great -blessings, that my sons and I experienced today. Your brother in the Lord." - E. V. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"I had such an amazing time at your park. Because I had such an awesome time, I've wanted everybody to get to experience that amazing feeling while playing on your field. I told them all about your amazing park and how huge it was which practically made their mouths hang open." - Claudia S. - Vernon Hills, IL

"You offer something no other paintball park offers - a friendly family feel. your always willing to go out of your way to make the day a great experience for everybody. I haven't found that at any other field. I really enjoy going to your games. Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience for me and my friends. I hope to be a member for years to come." - Jeff M. - Bensenville, IL

"I came to play paintball at your fabulous park. I had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!! Your park is great with all the terrain to cover. I was really pleased with the service I got when I was in your park. Your Refs were very helpful in showing me some hints and tips being a first time paintballer, I didn't know my way at first but I really appreciate all the help I got from your people. I will be returning soon with a lot more friends, because I had so much fun, and now I feel really advanced in this sport, with the all day adventure I had. Thank you so much for your care, and generosity. I would like to thank your whole staff for your time and kindness in letting me experience what I hope might one day, be a consecutive weekend sport. Thank you again." - Jason G. - Milwaukee, WI

"Hello Promised Land family! I really enjoy coming out to your facilities. I want to come back out for a great game of paintballing. Thank you all so much! =-) God bless!" - Sheila M. - Bourbonnais, IL

"I'm a member at your park. I wanted to say that I love it and it's lots of fun. Thanks so much and God bless!" - Jen S. - Libertyville, IL

More Testimonials . . .

If you'd like to tell us YOUR comments or suggestions, Click Here. We'd love to hear from you.

What is Paintball?

Paintball is the Fastest Growing Sport in the World!
Find out what millions of others have already discovered . . . Paintball is the most fun and exciting sport ever created!
And Paintball is for EVERYONE . . . Age, Size and Gender make no difference. This makes Paintball a great Family Sport.

Paintball is among the SAFEST of all sports.
According to the insurance industry statistics, fewer injuries occur per-capita in paintball than in Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Skiing, and even fewer injuries than Jogging or Golf!

Here's the Nuts and Bolts . . .
Paintball is an incredibly fun game involving strategy and lots of exercise. It consists of two opposing teams who compete in a game of "Capture the Flag". The object is to grab the opposing team's flag before they get yours. While trying to get to the flag, players try to tag the opposing team's players with safe, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-staining, water-soluble paintballs which are propelled by compressed CO2. Safety is the highest priority, with all players wearing a specially designed protective mask. Just before the game starts, each team comes up with a plan or strategy. This is similar to a football play, in that each team will make a plan for who will go where in the quest to "Capture the Flag". When the referee sounds the starting horn, each team will try to carry out the plan. A tagged player leaves the playing area until the next game starts. Each game lasts about 10 to 20 minutes, so you can play tons of games each time you come.

Promised Land Paintball also features unique and exciting "Scenario Games" like "The Nuke", "El Presidente", "Command & Conquer", "Outlaw Island", "Jail Break", "Revolutionary War", "King Of The Hill", and some brand new original games for the this season! Scenario Games have a plot, a mission and Hollywood quality props. All the games are tested and fine tuned for maximum adventure & fun!
More about Scenario Games . . .

What to Bring . . .

No special clothing is required, although sturdy shoes and darker colored clothing is helpful. Athletic Shoes are good, Cleats or Boots are great, Sandals or Dress Shoes are not. Long sleeves and long pants are nice, but if it's warm outside, try to wear thinner clothes to stay cooler.

You must have a thorough comprehension of the English language to understand safety rules and instructions.

The lower age limit is 12 and the upper age limit is 112. We will make exceptions for those over 112 if they bring a signed doctor's permission slip (no forgeries please ;-).

If there are minors (under age 18) in your group, be sure to bring a parent-signed Waiver with you to the park - one for each minor. You can Print It right from this web site or call 262-694-1540 to have us Fax or "Snail Mail" (USPS) it to you.
Minors MUST have a parent-signed Waiver before playing - no exceptions.

You may find it convenient to bring a credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

Discover - Visa - MasterCard - AmEx

More Testimonials . . .

"All I can say is that we had the BEST time. Your facilities are far superior to Paintball Blitz. Your fields are larger, provide more cover, have great scenario games, provided lunch and a friendlier staff. All of us signed up as members." - Craig C. - Kenosha, WI

"Thank you so much!!! I just wanted to let you know how great your park is. I've been to your park a few times and each time I have a ton of fun. This past Saturday I went to the "World Famous" Challenge Paintball Park with a small group of people. The whole trip can be summed up in one word: disappointing. The only good that came out of it was that those of us who have been to Promised Land were able to really appreciate it. You have awesome staff, awesome fields, and awesome equipment! You even make lunch for us! I look forward to visiting your park a lot more in the future! Thanks again!" - Derek C. - Zion, IL

"Totally awesome! Totally sweet!" - Jacob A. - Alpharetta, GA

"I just wanted to thank you for how well you took care of us while we were there playing paintball. My kids really had a great time and are already asking me when we can go again! I can't get over how professional and informative you all were, yet you were so loving and made the entire day fun as well. You are all excellent at what you do and you truly blessed us all with all that you did. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!" - Pete H. - Grayslake, IL

"I became a member last year and I had so much FUN. Thanks a bunch!!!" - George T. - Campbellsport, WI

"My wife, sister and I just wanted to write and let you know that we had a GREAT time!
We particularly wanted to thank the referees. They were very courteous and professional...
They explained things clearly and made the event very enjoyable.
They didn't even complain when my "loose cannon" sister accidentally took a shot at them.
We are already planning another outing." - Jon H. - Geneva, IL

"Just wanted to let you know that my sons and I had a great time. You have an excellent facility." - Ron T. - Whitewater, WI

"I went to Promised Land Paintball for the first time today. It was so much fun.
It was the first time I have ever been to an outdoor paintballing place and it was a lot of fun.
It was more fun than [indoor paintball]. I plan on coming back to Promised Land as soon as I get money and the people.
The rates were low, the rules were great, and the playing fields were cool." - Nick B. - Kenosha, WI

"I had a ton of fun! I was with a group and had so much fun that me and my friend of course signed up for a membership. This was my second time paintballing and your place blew the other public place out of the water." - Hal P. - Northbrook, IL

"I'd like to take a minute to thank you and your family for a wonderful day in the great outdoors. I think my kids are finally starting to talk about other topics. The girls especially liked you making sure they were having a good time. You did a fantastic job of handling the instructions and keeping the players informed and under control. You made it look easy. All in all it was a fun family experience and we look forward to joining you on another family day. You've all done a great job there." - Mike K. - Elmhurst, IL

"Yo Pinters! Thanks for another awesome day. You guys run the most playable park around. I can imagine there must be lots of time and energy spent running these. Good job reffing, and it looked like all the guests had a blast too. Your new Scenario Game was a real success! Can't wait for the next Big Game! Many Blessings." - Don T. - Vernon Hills, IL

"You guys really run a terrific operation and your growing membership, just by word of mouth it
seems, proves it!" - Adam S. - Waukegan, IL

"Your park has a fair, clean and very fun environment. I think very highly of your all around operation. Thank you very much." - Laurent C. - Mundelein, IL

"Thank you. A GREAT time was had by all!!" - Cathy L. - Kenosha, WI

"Hi guys. Just wanted to drop you a note and say I really enjoyed your park this past Saturday. My girlfriend and I will definitely be back to play! Your staff was great too! Thanks again guys!!!" - Gary B. - Antioch, IL

"Thanx! Your paintball park is awesome and has the best prices! Your the best place around." - George C. - Libertyville, IL

"I am very impressed with your courses and the time and effort you guys put into the courses. I have been paintballing several times before at other locations and never saw that much work put into paintballing." - Cory R. - Mundelein, IL

"My friend and I recently played at your course and we were greatly impressed by the quality of the fields. We were so impressed that we signed up for memberships." - Andrew T. - Racine, WI

"Promised Land rocks." - Matthew O. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"Dear Pinter family, Thanks for planting seeds of God's love for the "Big Game" participants. My step son and I enjoy our visits there very much. In Him, " - Bill S. - Gurnee, IL

"You guys are great!!!!!!!" - Paul M. - Racine, WI

"I have been paintballing for about two years, since I was 11. But then I heard about you guys. The first time I went I couldn't believe it. The prices are very good. But not only are the prices good, the service is great, people are very willing to help you with anything you have questions on, and the games are great. So now I love to play paintball and Promised Land is the place where I go. I'll see you soon! Can't wait!" - Kyle S. - Libertyville, IL

"I want to play at Promised Land Paintball every week!" - Roger C. - Salem, WI

"The first time I went to Promised Land Paintball I was amazed! My youth pastor brought me with my youth group from church. It was awesome and I want to share it with my friends!!!!!" - Mike S. - Mundelein, IL

"I love your park. I've been a member for a while and I've made it to a lot of your Big Games. It's the great fields and great prices that keep drawing me back." - Ryan S. - Kenosha, WI

"I love your great prices, great food, and great fields!! Thanx for it all!" - Kris S. - Kenosha, WI

"We love your park. We've been to many other places, but none of them even come close to the quality that yours does. And your friendly atmosphere is GREAT!!!!!! Don't change a thing!!!! We love it. Thanks." - Jason Z. - Kenosha, WI

"Your place is the best in the country! I'm gonna try to make every Big Game this year." - Rob Y. - Kenosha, WI

"Your place is the best by far." - Jason Z. - Kenosha, WI

"Promised Land Paintball is the best paintball around and the way it's run is perfect!" - Dan D. - Libertyville, IL

"I was impressed. Not only with the high quality fields, but the whole "feeling". A place that's geared more towards family and friends having a good time playing "tag" is an exciting idea. Thank you very much, and I really like what you guys are doing!" - Brad L. - Hales Corners, WI

"You have a great place!!! I miss playing!!!" - Richard S. - Zion, IL

"Your "Badlands" field is the best field I've ever played on." - Angel L. - Chicago, IL

"I would like to commend the creators of this park. I have heard many good reviews from magazines and online sites about your Field." - Steve S. - Racine, WI

"I went to your park and I was hooked ever since!!" - Kris S. - Kenosha, WI

"Thanks for your ministry! Keep up the good work." - Carl W. - Zion, IL

"Love your park!!!" - Joshua S. - Maywood, IL

"You're doing a very great job. I loved all the games we played. Keep up the great work." - David H. - Kenosha, WI

"YOUR PAINTBALL PLACE IS DA-BOMB!" - George C. - Libertyville, IL

"You guys have the best place around, i hope you stick around for a long time, because me and many of my friends enjoy coming to your place to play." - Kyle W. - Zion, IL

"Your park is awesome. I can't wait to play again." - Josh R. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"I had the best time of my life when I went to your paintball park!" - Lizzie C. - Vernon Hills, IL

"I've been a proud member of Promised Land Paintball in the past. I'd very much like to renew my membership this year and get back to playing the game that your Park has brought me to love. I'd be honored to be allowed to play at your Park for the new season. I look forward to getting back in the action. I can't wait to see you guys. " - Gary P. - Trevor, WI

"I'm originally from Maryland and I love to play paintball! The places I've played at in Maryland were exceptional fields, but I have to say that they amount to NOTHING after just simply reading about your field online. Being new to the area, I asked a friend at work about the best place to play paintball and without hesitation he began to rant and rave about "Promised Land" saying that you guys are the best. Anyway, I would like to know more about becoming a member. I would like to be playing paintball at Promised Land in the very near future." - Jason B. - Zion, IL

"I have yet to play at your place, but I have heard nothing but great things from fellow youth pastors!" - Tom D. - Grayslake, IL

"I'm thinking of starting to paintball. Some of my friends from church go to Promised Land Paintball. They say you're great." - Sean B. - IL

"This place rocks!!!!!!!!" - Tyler T. - Salem, WI

"I really respect and believe in the spiritual attitude during paintball play. I have a Christian group that plays paintball often so I'm very excited to show them your website and to come and join you this summer." - Marco G. - St. Francis, WI

"My son and I would love to become members." - Garrett G. - Gurnee, IL

"After one time there I had so much fun that I signed up for a membership, so thanks a lot and I'll see you all at the Big Games." - Brad W. - Glen Ellyn, IL

"I love your fields and look forward to having a great season." - Andy C. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"YOUR FIELD IS AWESOME!!!!" - Nathan L. - Kenosha, WI

"My friend and I just got into the sport of paintball. We heard that Promised Land was a good place." - Christopher B. - Waukegan, IL

"It's exciting to see a CHRISTIAN paintball site!" - Nancy H. - Stevens Point, WI

"You have the nicest paintball park I've ever seen." - Joshua M. - Racine, WI

"I'm a member and I'm organizing a group of friends from my school to come play at the Big Game! I am so excited! I would also like to say thank you for providing such a great place to play the wonderful sport of paintball!" - Benjamin K. - Lake Forest, IL

"Kool site." - Andrew H. - Libertyville, IL

"Well Run, Fun Park. Don't change the way you operate." - Richard J. - Kenosha, WI

"You have a great facility." - Nick S. - Libertyville, IL

"Hello! I'm looking forward to the new season! Thank you for last year's fun and thank you in advance for this year!! I'll continue to spread the word and bring as many people as I can to this new sport and your excellent facility. Thanks again!" - Marcel M. - Fox Lake, IL

"We're looking forward to playing on your field for the first time. What you have to offer at Promised Land is the type of game we're looking for. We play rec ball to have a good time (fun, relaxation and meet new people). The rules and regulations at your park is something that we're looking forward to." - Eric O. - Muskego, WI

"I especially liked the new game you guys thought up with the hospitals. That was cool. I'll be looking forward to next time." - Eddie M. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"I'm a Member at Promised Land and I'm getting ready for the new paintball season at your park. I'm anticipating a great fun filled year." - Kyle H. - Kenosha, WI

"Great Fields, Great People and a Great Time!" - Andrew K. - Racine, WI

"This is the best paintball place." - Tim A. - Johnsburg, IL

"Your place is cool. I love playing there. I'm a member and I always try to bring my friends when I go." - Lance P. - Kenosha, WI

"Best thing to happen to Wisconsin since cheese!!!!!!!" - Mitchell L. - Gurnee, IL

"Your place rocks. It beats all the other paintball fields around." - Ryan N. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"I can't wait until the next Big Game!!" - Demetrios T. - Grayslake, IL

"Your fields rock. Awesome." - Eddie M. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"Wow, I'm very impressed! You have a beautiful park!" - Jake G. - Elk River , MN

"I'd really like to join your club, I'm looking to make new friends with fellow Christians." - Kaleb J. - Milwaukee, WI

"I had a blast at the season opener and look forward to future events!!!!" - Peter K. - Lake Forest, IL

"Thank you very much for your service in this Beautiful sport!!" - Marc M. - Caldwell, OH

"Fantastic field with great sportsmanship atmosphere." - William C. - Wauwatosa, WI

"I love your park. You guys have the best place I've ever played at." - Josh T. - Libertyville, IL

"I've seen a lot of paintball websites and yours is the best I've ever seen." - Dennis R. - Crystal Lake - IL

"This is a great place to play!" - Micah T. - Paddock Lake, WI

"Had a blast at the last Big Game." - Don J. - Vernon Hills - IL

"Glad I'm a new Member. Also really enjoy the nice people you have as Members, contrary to the "sub-standard" persons I've met at several other "drinky-druggy" type parks. I've thought about how I'd like to bring my kids with me when they're old enough, but have been highly concerned of the caliber of the persons at these other parks. Glad I now have a place I would take them! KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!!!!!!" - Larry F. - Island Lake, IL

"This paintball park is the best I have ever played on." - Chad B. - Kenosha, WI

"I would really really really love to be a member!!!" - Nick G. - Gurnee, IL

"I paintballed there and it was awesome." - Jason J. - Gurnee, IL

"Thanks. I had such a great time the last time. I'm trying to get a group of friends together to go again. I enjoy getting your emails. Thanks again!" - Greg L. - Milwaukee, WI

"You guys have the best fields I've ever played on and I've played all over. You guys rock!!!!." - Richard H. - Lindenhurst, IL

"Your place is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!" - Michael J. - Racine, WI

"Hey!!! I had a gr-8 time on Saturday playing paintball!!! My youth group loved it too and is already talking about buying a trophy case for all the trophies they want to win in the future. ;-) Anyway, I hope to be back soon. Keep up the good work!! Thanks again! God Bless." - Rebekah S. - McHenry, IL

"I love your park. I'd like to bring some friends there and participate more often in your events." - Matt O. - Highland Park, IL

"Thank you. I enjoy playing at your Park." - Jake F. - Mettawa, IL

"I went to last month's Big Game and I played your revolutionary war game and that was pretty cool. Thanks alot." - Dan W. - Kenosha, WI

"Great park, been there twice and am going next month." - Steven S. - Racine, WI

"Hey, I've been looking at your website and can't wait for my first excursion this weekend." - Matt S.

"Heard that your park is awesome and can't wait to play." - Jack M. - Mundelein, IL

"Hi folks. I had the extreme pleasure of playing at your facility last month with my two boys. We are now members and will be coming again soon for a day of games. Thank you." - Jim S. - Marina, CA

"I'd just like to say I love you guys and I absolutely love your fields! God bless." - Paul M. - Racine, WI

"I had lots of fun last weekend. Thank you." - Andrew S. - Zion, IL

"The last time I was at your field I was impressed with the way you run your games and I was impressed with the fields themselves. Your judging is fair and my son and I had a great time!!! Thank you." - Mark M. - Slinger, WI

"I think what you guys have done with your park is excellent. I love the way you're not ashamed to proclaim your faith on the website because it's something you don't see very often anymore. You guys really pumped me up in my ministry. Thank you for opening my eyes." Matthew D.

"THANKS!!!! I went paintballing last weekend and I had a BLAST! I've been going to Promised Land Paintball for about 3 years. I'm glad I became a Member. Thanks again and GOD BLESS." - Mike R. - Gurnee, IL

"I'd probably play every weekend if I could. I've been jogging everyday just to be in shape for the BIG GAMES." - Don T - Vernon Hills, IL

"Everything is going great in preparation for our upcoming PAINTBALL BLAST. We've got lots of kids getting involved that don't normally attend our church and I am confident that God will do great things through this trip. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in person. In Christ," - John U. - Lake Zurich, IL

"I just wanted to send you a few words of gratitude. I think it's really wonderful of you and your family to pay tribute to the service members and police force by having a free game - WOW. I want to say a big THANK YOU for your generosity and hope to see you soon. Thanks." - Eric O. - Muskego, WI

"I brought a group to play at your park for Armed Forces and Police Appreciation Day. I was very impressed with your park and the way it was run. I had a lot of fun." - Brian R. - US Navy

"First of all, I wanted to say thanks for paying a tribute to Law Enforcement and Military personnel. A big thumbs up for your organization! Secondly, that was the first time I had played "organized" paintball and your staff did a fantastic job in making the day a really fun and safe one. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to coming again." - Mario D. - Wheeling, IL

"Your paintball park has a very excellent reputation here at the Great Lakes Naval Base." - Mike B. - US Navy

"We had a great time at your park." - John U. - Lake Zurich, IL

"Last year we went to a different paintball place. Many of those there started to get drunk. It got way out of hand with many becoming very rude. We wanted to go paintballing again, but not to that place. So my youth leader and oldest son went on the web to try to find a place that didn't allow alcohol. Praise God! We found Promised Land Paintball. Thank you for such a Great Time in a very Christian atmosphere! All told me that they have never had so much fun in their lives. The fact that it was Christian made them appreciate it all the more. It was good clean fun. :-) When we got home I proudly showed my wife our first ever Church trophy for anything. My wife said we came home with a trophy for acting like a bunch of kids with grown up squirt guns. Thanks for letting us be kids. This was more than we expected and very much worth the 2 1/2 hour drive. We'll be back. Thanks again!" - Pastor Scott S. - Two Rivers, WI

"I've been to a couple of different fields and nothing compares to the quality of paintball and service at your field. You guys are awesome." - Mike B. - Zion, IL

"Thank you so much for the wonderful time. I spent about 1 hour in the church parking lot on Saturday night when we got back, just listening to everyone's stories. Despite the fact that Sunday evening was one of our non-meeting days, they all showed up and we looked at pictures and laughed and listened to more stories. Everyone of them wants to come back! Our major fund raiser for the year is Easter Breakfast - this process takes days, planning, shopping, baking, decorating, cooking, serving, cleanup, etc. and mid-way through it they start complaining, 'why do we even do this?', etc. So Sunday night I said, "tell me, is Promised Land worth Easter Breakfast?" A resounding YES - in fact, an offer to do breakfast quarterly for the congregation was suggested. Thanks again. We will be back!" - Donna S. - East Troy, WI

"I am officially hooked on paintball! It's my brothers birthday this Saturday, and he heard about me raving about how much fun I had. So now I'd like to bring my brother, five of his cousins and my father for a fun time at Promised Land!!" - Rachel T. - Glenview, IL

" I'd like to thank you for making God the center of the ministry there and look forward to having the chance to see God work in lives of friends that I bring. You can count on me being there." - John M. - Round Lake Beach, IL

"Thank you for the time and courtesy you extended to me. I'm very excited about the possibilities and benefits of what fellowshipping with Promised Land Paintball can and will lead to. I told my pastor about your ministry and facility and he shares my enthusiasm." - Ed L. - Racine, WI

"You have a beautiful park!" - John K. - Chicago, IL

"When I was planning on going to Promised Land Paintball for the first time I didn't know what to expect. It was awesome!" - Andy P. - Racine, WI

"We drove over 2 hours to get to Promised Land Paintball. We've been to a lot of paintball places and yours is run the best. We won't be going back to Challenge Park because they make their customers wait 30 to 45 minutes between games. We like how you keep things moving. Thank you." - Sam J. - Elwood, IL

"Absolutely Outstanding! I was just at your last Big Game and it was the most fun I've had in a long time! Thanks!" - Chris F. - Grayslake, IL

"Your paintballing facilities are the only clean park in my area. I would like to apply for a membership to your paintballing club." - Grace K.

"Thanks. I love playing. See ya soon." - Andrew H. - Green Oaks, IL

"Your field looks very nice and you have lots of different games." - Nathan D. - Hartford, WI

"Your place looks awesome." - Chris B. - Mundelein, IL

"I can't wait to be back." - Scott C. - Round Lake Beach, IL

"Your place is the best, coolest, and funnest paintballing place I've ever been to." - Dana P. - Lake Bluff, IL

"Hi there! Someone at our church in Milwaukee found your ad in the Christian Business Directory and many of us are definitely looking forward to coming down to your field!! We've been indoor paintballing a few times, but ALL of us LOVE playing outdoors. It's SO MUCH better than indoors!" - Jason P. - Milwaukee, WI

"Pinter family, I just wanted to thank you for another great day of paintball! Our youth group had a great time. We had a lot of "newbies" that are hooked and have been asking when our church would be going again. It's fun to see people come in scared, not knowing what to expect and leaving excited wanting more." - Garreck G. - Zion, IL

"This past summer has truly been a thrill for my son and I participating in the Big Games at Promised Land." - Kevin L. - Waukegan, IL

"You have a wonderful park." - Justin D. - Silver Lake, WI

"Thanks to all of the people at Promised Land Paintball for a great time! Thanks helping us out all day long with tips on the games and for being great hosts. Many thanks also for explaining the rules and layout of the park." - Daniel K. - Chicago, IL

"Had my first experience paintballing last Saturday with you guys. What a blast! Now I'm hooked!" - Thomas M. - Wadsworth, IL

"Your park looks excellent!" - Brian B.

"Pinter Family, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful season of paintballing. My sons and I have loved being out on the beautiful fields God has blessed you with at Promised Land. The view from the 80 foot peak of the Badlands at sunset today was spectacular. I am already looking forward to next season when my youngest son can join us. My older son gave him his beautiful new gun and he will keep the special gun he won today in the raffle. Thanks again. Your brother in the Lord." - E. V. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"We had a great time! Thanks." - Matthew S. - Oak Park, IL

"Thank you. I really appreciate what you do on 'Law & Military Appreciation Day'. I too always try to thank our service men and women. Welcome home, Rick, and thank you for your service in the military!" - Jim G. - Waukesha, WI

"Dear Pinter family, I would like to thank you all very much for the awesome time you showed us last Saturday. The goal I had for the day was to begin to grow a bond between myself and the boys I minister to. It worked and even greater than I could have hoped. God brought two young men to me the morning of, two guys I never thought I could get to open up to me and now their hearts are soft. God works in mighty ways. Once again, thank you for your love to our savior Jesus Christ. He is pouring out His love through us and it is making a difference in lives. In Christ," - Tim B. - Waukesha, WI

"Dear Pinter family, I wanted to say thank you very much for everything while I was paintballing at the last big game. I had a lot of fun and can not wait until next year. Thanks again." - Andy C. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"I stumbled upon your website and was in awe. You have put together the perfect ministry for youth." - Joshua N. - Gurnee, IL

"Thank you for letting us play at your awesome paintball field. I had a lot of fun hanging out with different groups and talking with different people. I also enjoyed the good spirit that was there with no negativity, just people getting along and playing like a team. Thank you a lot." - Tony J. - Waukesha, WI

"I'm coming back to go paintballing at your place (my favorite and most fun). I'm glad that there is a prayer before the games, because I myself am a Christian too. I also like the rules there and the rules about no swearing. Thanks for having it be so fun. See you in Spring." - Chris O. - Sussex, WI

"I took a look at the photos on your website. Man! I am very impressed! I'm interested in playing at your facility next Saturday." - David M. - Arizona

'Thanks a lot for letting us come out and have some fun. I had a lot of fun with my friends. Thanks." Matt F. - Waukesha, WI

"I can't wait till next year." - Jerry S. - Island Lake, IL

"I really enjoyed playing at your field again this year." - Steve K. - Crystal Lake, IL

"Thanks for allowing me to have such a great time today. I got to spend time with friends and I really enjoy that a lot. I owe you not only my gratitude, but also respect because you don't even know me and you provided me with a day full of fun. Thank you." - Dylan B. - Waukesha, WI

"We had a blast." - Phil S. - Maywood, IL

"I have to tell you, my youth group has not stopped talking about their experience this summer at Promised Land Paintball. Visiting you was the high point of our summer. Thanks for all you do. Our only issue now is having to wait until spring to visit again. They are doing everything to earn money for a return trip. We were asked to hold a dinner for the congregation - it included prep work, cooking, serving, cleaning up, etc. They all groaned, 'It's not worth it.' I said, 'Hmmmm . . . is it worth another trip to Promised Land?' EVERY one of them showed up to help and it was a very successful evening for them. See you in spring!" - Donna S. - East Troy, WI

"Thank you for letting us join you. I really had a good time and I think I speak for everyone when I say that. I respect you guys for letting us have the chance to come and I really appreciate that. I did really have a good time and I especially hope I get another chance to come back again soon. I like the games you have. That was the best part." - Richelle T. - Waukesha, WI

"Your park is awesome and fun to play in!!!" - Chris L. - Gurnee, IL

"Can't wait till next season. I had lots of fun and I have brought several people who are now members themselves. Keep up the good work. Thanks." - Jim F. - Chicago, IL

"Hey, thanks for letting us come and play around. I really had a great time." - Wayne R. - Sussex, WI

"Thanks for letting us play paintball it was the best time I had in a long time. I want to come back again and play again. Well, anyway it was a blast thank you very much." - Richard L. - Waukesha, WI

"Great Park. Fields are awesome to play on. You have to come." - Jason K. - Spring Grove, IL

"I would love to become a member of your wonderful paintball park. You have a great website." - Tommy

"I have a group of middle school kids (about 20) that are definitely wanting to go paintballing this summer. I've read your site and feel very comfortable with what you've got going on. It is great that you are Christ centered. We are a youth group, however I am not the pastor. Just a teacher trying to give some incentive to learn! Your prices seem very reasonable and I was also wandering what the chances are that we could not only paintball but camp overnight also. You know, camp fire, praise songs and such. Just kind of relaxing. Thank you." - Mike W. - Argos, IN

"I'm asking for permission to link to your site. We enjoy playing at your field and would like to show our appreciation and put your field as one of our favorite places to play. Thanks for the great times! - Andrew H. - Green Oaks, IL

"I think you guys have good way of helping our young people stay out of trouble. Thanks." - Scotty W. - Hammond, LA

"I've gone to a lot of your BIG GAMES and talk to a lot of people there. It's a lot of fun. Thanks." - P. J. R. - Lindenhurst, IL

"Promised Land Paintball is a well run park with some very nice fields." - Sam J. - Joliet, IL

"Promised Land is a great place to play." - Jeff W. - Milwaukee, WI

"Hi, I'm 30 years old and have a 11 year old son who is about to start playing rec ball with me. I understand that you are running a successful business and I admire you for doing it. From the sounds of it, you have a field where I would be honored to let my kids play. It's nice to see a business with the proper priorities. Looks like you're on the right track being a Christian field. I hope my son and I can visit your field someday. Keep fighting the good fight! Yours in Christ," - Chad H. - Windsor, WI

"Dear Pinter family, I heard nothing but good comments regarding our church's outing to your paintball park last fall. I am eagerly awaiting your opening this Spring, as I'm planning to organize another paintballing trip. Thanks!" - Kathryn E. - Franksville, WI

"I'm currently a member and I have enjoyed your park and its atmosphere." - Brian G. - Carpentersville, IL

"I really love your field and I enjoy its atmosphere. I always love to play with new people, introducing them to the best game in the world. I have brought many people to your park who then bring others, all who love it." - Jim F. - Chicago, IL

"Hi, I'm a Church Youth Leader in the Milwaukee Area. I read about your pricing online - sounds really great, plus leaders play free!" - Kurt K. - Milwaukee, WI

"I've played there several times, love the fields, games, people. I usually attend your big games. I have made a lot of friends there. Every time I play, no matter what the score is, my team is having a great time. I help out players by going with them and teaching them how to shoot, move, and play. Thank you." - Joseph G. - Wadsworth, IL

"I remember when I first started playing paintball and I said to myself, I really love this sport with the great fun loving people, and getting better at a sport that is greatly enjoyed internationally. My friends and I will stick with paintball. We as paintball veterans enjoy your breath taking fields how clean and well maintained they are. Your staff's attitude toward us has always engulf our spirits and made that one day out of the month the best day we could ever have at a paintball park." - Mike P. - Antioch, IL

"Your field is the only nice wooded one." - Debbie B. - Kenosha, WI

"I have been a member for 3 years. I know a lot of people at your park. I really like your park a lot. I have been to many other places, but I really like your place. I really like the atmosphere, your family and the games. I hope to see you opening day." - Philip T. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"I am very grateful for your ministry. One of the things my wife said she wanted me to be was more fun. Well now I have help. Thank You. In Him, Shalom." - Ron B. - Germantown, WI

"We we're planning a trip to Paintball Blitz when a buddy had just came back from your place. He had nothing but good things to say & from the pictures on your website we all want to come over to Promised Land." - Matthew H. - Rolling Meadows, IL

"I've been playing paintball at your field for about 2 years. I've played at one tournament, but I had more fun at your fields.. Thank you." - Richard L. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"This is the best place I've been. I love the atmosphere and I love the service. This is an awesome facility. It was a BLAST and I plan on coming again. I can't wait. C'ya later!!!!!" - Randy D. - Barrington, IL

"Your field is the coolest." - Eric P. - McHenry, IL

"We have been looking forward to participating in many of your big games scheduled for this year." - Dan S. - Kenosha, WI

"I have been a member of Promised Land for over two years and I have attended Big Games regularly. Promised Land has been the exclusive place that I paintball for at least a whole year. It's simply because Promised Land is much better than anywhere else. I love the sport of paintball so much." - Adam C. - Lake Forest, IL

"I am a member at Promised Land and I love it!" - Ryan W. - Beach Park, IL

"I'm looking forward to visiting your facility with my church." - Rick S. - Lincolnshire, IL

"I will be becoming a member there just to have a place to bring my friends. You run a safe place that attracts the whole family, not just the "hot-rod" players. Thank you for providing such a service to paintball. Yours in Christ," - David M. - California

"We've been going to Promised land for years and we keep running into our friends from other church youth groups. You've inspired us in our own ministry." - Dave L. - Zion, IL

"Love your facility and you!" - Debra D. - Libertyville, IL

"Excellent prices you guys have. I'm recommending your website to everyone!!!" - Wade P.

"Our church youth group is very interested in trying this new adventure, paintball. I've played at many different playing fields, and by the looks of the photos on your website, yours could be the best yet!" - Robbie R. - Lake Geneva, WI

"I am the youth director at our church. We visited your park last year, and had an absolutely wonderful grand time. Only one of us had paintballed before. Every single person in our group had a blast. The kids have been begging to come back ever since." - Terry S. - Union Grove, WI

"I've been playing at Promised Land for about 3 years. I first went with my youth group from church, ever since then I've been hooked.
I love your park. Thanks." - Joe D. - McHenry, IL

"I really enjoy playing at your park and I love your attitude towards cheating scum." - Gary G. - West Allis, WI

"Your fields are great and have been a member for almost 5 years now. Your turnouts are incredible and they seem to be growing every year. My church group goes every year and we haven't heard one bad thing about your park or the people we play with."- Pete C. - Zion, IL

"I felt very comfortable with the sportsmanship exhibited and became a member because I've never seen another place that could come close to comparing to Promised Land Paintball. It was a pleasure playing with good sportsmen." - Brian R. - Madison, WI

"Me and my friends love playing at Promised Land Paintball." - Tony M. - Libertyville, IL

"I bring the high school kids from church every year. Looking forward to another great year!" - Garreck G. - Zion, IL

"Thanx a ton. I can't wait to get out there again soon!" - Nathan H. - Zion, IL

"The BIG GAME sounds like a BLAST!" - Russ W. - Franklin, WI

"Many people have told me that this is the best paintball field they have ever been to!!" - Nick T. - Whitewater, WI

"I'm been a member for 2 years and have always enjoyed your park. It's the best park around. Thank you and God bless." - Chad B. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"Thank you for one incredible day of paintball." - Dan C. - Deerfield, IL

"I have been playing at your field for almost 5 years now and have been a member for 4 years and I really enjoy it and love it there. Thank you." - Andy C. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"I attend your park almost every month." - Chad D. - Kenosha, WI

"After browsing your site I would like a membership. Your field looks beautiful and from the description you are the exact type of people that I would like to play with. I have only played paintball once, but I enjoyed it so much that I purchased some basic equipment over the winter and decided it would be a good summertime activity to keep me active. It's a fun place to play regularly and my wife thinks she would like to play occasionally where she can just have fun and not have to deal with the "pro's" and the attitudes that I've heard exist at some fields. Thank you." - T.J. L. - Waterford, WI

"I play paintball for the adrenaline, the day of fun, and the greatness of paintball. I love how you keep Promised Land a great place to play and also involve rules that other places in the area do not. I think Promised Land has made a place to play where there is such a trust that people are even allowed to drop money in a bucket and take a soda. I enjoy being there, and I also like how natural the courses are. So I think the way you run things is good and encourages new people into the sport. Thanks." - Billy D. - Libertyville, IL

"I thought paintball would be a good team building outing for our church youth group, but it turned out to be much better than I expected. Promised Land is family run and very professional and have obviously been doing this for a long time. They provided all the fliers, in color nonetheless, sign-up sheet and envelope for money collection. I had to question the reason behind "Christian" paintball. Their sole mission is to grow youth groups by having the students invite friends so that our youth groups will grow. Things went well. What a great place - clean, easy to find, well run. I think a few of the adults had more fun than the kids." - Kevin B. - Gurnee, IL

"I am a new member, and your field is the greatest field that I have been to. Thanks for great paintballing!" - Nick D. - Lake Villa, IL

"My son and I are members and play paintball on the weekends. We enjoy our time together on your field. It's fun to play." - Garrett G. - Gurnee, IL

"Great website!" - Norb K. - Tucson, Az

"I love your place, its the only paintball park I will ever go to." - Mike O. - Island Lake, IL

"Greetings to all of my brothers and sisters at Promise Land! Our church is organizing a trip back there. Thanks and
God bless!!" Darell T. - Lincolnwood, IL

"Of all the places I've played, nothing comes even close in comparison to Promised land Paintball." - Nick G. - Libertyville, IL

"Hey Pinter Family your paintball facility is great. My favorite game is Command and Conquer. It was my very first time paintballing in my life and it was great." - Paul E. - Wildwood, IL

"I think your park is great. The rules and equipment are great. Your staff is even better. I don't think there is a better place to be. Just the fact that this place is Christian based just tops it off." - Jeremiah N. - Gurnee, IL

"My youth group is VERY interested in a return visit. Because of the pictures and stories we came back with last year, there are several of the young adults in our congregation that are also interested in coming along. It should be a lot of fun! Thanks for providing your park! The discussions of our time there have been endless. They bring it up at least twice a month and continually ask when we are coming back." - Donna S. - East Troy, WI

"Great place." - Logan G. - Lannon, WI

"I am very pleased to learn of another Christian owned recreational activity in the area. There is so much bad out there. My son is coming to play with his friend tomorrow and I am sure he will come home and want my wife and I to experience your facility with him as well. Thank you for your service to the community." - Andy G.


"This park is very fun." - Alex O. - Elgin, IL

"Hi, my wife and I had a great time a couple weeks ago, and I joined your membership. Some of my friends and family (about 6 total) heard about the time we had, and would like to come too. Thanks so much!" - Mark & Lisa S. - West Allis, WI

"Your fields look very, very nice."- Thomas A. - Kenosha, WI

"Promised Land is just awesome!" - Scott M. - Gurnee, IL

"I've been a member for about 2 years now, and I'd just like to say that I love your park. I love the low prices, diverse fields, exciting scenario games, quality rental equipment, excellent facilities, beautiful park setting, family atmosphere and I love the customer service. I play a lot of sports, but paintball still dominates my spectrum in almost every aspect, and I can't imagine a better place to play than Promised Land Paintball. The creativeness displayed throughout the park has made it almost addicting. I'd just like to say thank you for showing me this great game and giving me such an unbelievable place to play." - Dan A. - Kenosha, WI

"Promised Land Paintball is the best place I've ever been. I love the fields, the games and the family atmosphere. It think it's the funnest park around." - Sean S. - Grayslake, IL

"Promised Land is the perfect name for the youth outreach ministry you've built. I am very impressed, not only with the scope of the park and the ministry you have there, but also with your personal testimony. There is much more to the story than most people might think." - Rob P. - Marshfield, WI

"I visited Promised Land last year with a group from my church for my first paintball experience. I had one of the funnest days of my semi-adult life! I'm hooked! Every aspect of your facility is outstanding! The fields are second-to-none. The gear was in excellent condition and very plentiful. The staff did a superb job. It was obvious that the goal was safety first, but even the refs helped us to have more fun. The games were organized in a very smooth, orderly, and fair manner. Even the lunch break was handled with great professionalism. You are all to be commended. Unfortunately, I have recently moved away, but I am planning to organize a trip with my new church to make the 5 hour voyage to visit Promised Land. We have some eager paintballers, but no good fields around here. I need to expose them to how good life can be." - Jeff G. - Dallas, WI

"My son has been paintballing at Promised Land Paintball several times and he loves it. Thanks." - Bill U. - Lake Zurich, IL

"I would love to come and play at, from what I've seen, the best outdoor park ever." - Chris B. - Racine, WI

"When I first heard about you, I called and asked when your games were. You were very polite and said I need to come with a member. I didn't know a member, but then you gave me a personal invite to the park which was very nice. Great people work there. The last time I came, a screw for my own paintball gun came out and got lost, but your staff tried to find a screw that fit they didn't have one, but they didn't give up there, they had spare Tippmann screws but they were to long so they cut one and it fit. They even cleaned out the paint that was inside my gun. I love everything about Promised Land Paintball. Plus you are Christ-centered and pray with all the players in the morning before the games for everyone's safety. I would not consider going to any other paintball park. Promised Land Paintball is the greatest paintball park in the world. God Bless!" - Mike L. - Lake Geneva, WI

"Just sending you a note to say a huge THANK YOU. It blesses my heart to know people as kind and generous as you. God bless and once again THANK YOU!" - Pastor Mark D. - Kenosha, WI

"I want to thank you very much for yesterday. It was a great time for me and my friends and I especially appreciated the prayer before we started. Thank you." Bill L. - Pell Lake, WI

"At Promised Land Paintball we've received the best treatment by far compared to any other place we've played. In addition, you have the best fields and scenario games we've played as well. Thank you! Grace and Peace to you." - Pastor John N. - Lake Zurich, IL

"Your park looks awesome!" - Josiah M. - Chicago, IL

"You guys rule!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about Promised Land Paintball. Thanks for making my first paintball experience in the woods so much fun! Also thanks for the personal invite and later accepting me as a member. I would also like to thank the refs and the other players at the last big game for making me feel welcome. Thanks for the great experience and I will be going to every big game from now on with some friends of mine and maybe even my parents. :-)" - Alex R. - Racine, WI

"I Just wanted to let you know what a great time our group from church had. Everyone had positive responses. We want to come again in the Spring. Thanks again for making it a great event for us. God Bless." - Pastor Brian W. - Elmhurst, IL

"My brother and I had such a great time earlier this summer that we have made plans to return. I am bringing one of my sons as a guest this time. I'm really looking forward to a great day of paintball. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated the atmosphere and Christian witness that I evidenced at Promised Land Paintball. I felt like this was proven by the high number of female players that obviously felt like they could play without being harassed or embarrassed. Great job of putting together a place where God is honored in an environment that connects with kids and adults. What a great witness for the Kingdom." - Mike S. - Wabash, IN

"I just wanted to let you know that my group had a wonderful time at the Last Blast Big Game. For the enormous crowd that was there, things ran extremely smoothly. I also wanted to thank you for the free lunch. That was very generous! Thank you again. We had a great day." Pamela A. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"Just wanted to say thank you. Everyone had a Great time." - Mark R. - Vernon Hills, IL

"Thanks a lot. I appreciate what you guys do there. You present a fun, positive, and to top it all off a Christian attitude about it all. Thanks again." - Jeremiah N. - Gurnee, IL

"Three of my staff are members of Promised Land. We would like to have an outing for our Men's Fellowship group there. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at your Last Blast Big Game day and I am looking forward to the Opening Day Big Game in April. Looking forward to seeing all of you. God Bless You." - Philip R. - Waukegan, IL

"Fun fun." - Dan C. - Genoa City, WI

"I came as a guest of a family who are members. It was my first paintball experience and I loved it." - Mike T. - Waukegan, IL

"Promised Land is the best park I have ever played at!" - Andrew A. - Lake Villa, IL

"I played at your park once and would love to play there again. Thanks for running such a great park." - Mike W. - Gurnee, IL

"I have heard so many wonderful things about your park and can't wait to see it. I like your high standards on everything!!" - Truedy F. - Wadsworth, IL

"You guys are doing an awesome job - keep it up. May God richly bless you and your family!" - Mike K. - McHenry, IL

"I read an article about your paintball park on It's awesome how God has blessed your family to be able to get the land and funds to build Promised Land Paintball. I also have a passion for God and a love for paintball." - Jose R. - Miami, FL

"You guys have a cool park." - Jason P. - McHenry, IL

"I appreciate what you're doing for the Christian betterment and the evangelistic world." - Jeremiah L. - Eugene, OR

"I'm a member of the Promised Land Paintball Club and let me just say that I love your park. It's much more fun than Paintball Blitz and Challenge Park combined!!" - Matt O. - Lake Bluff, IL

"Looking forward to the BIG GAME!!!" - Beverly G. - Waukesha, WI

"Promised Land Paintball is amazing. You're good Christian people and I like that. I also like your prices, rentals and atmosphere and I love your fields, games, facilities, park setting and service. I've been a Promised Land Paintball Club member for almost 4 years. You guys are awesome. The park is so exciting to be in. Thank you." - Tim L. - Libertyville, IL

"My prayer is that God will bless the work you're doing. Keep up the great work." - Adam H. - Grayslake, IL

"Good day. As always thank you for all your hard work in providing a good safe atmosphere to play in. I've always recommended Promised Land Paintball to any paintball fans I've come across. Thanks again." - Marek S. - Arlington Heights, IL

"Dear Pinter Family, I'm greatly looking forward to another great paintball season. See you soon." - Scott H. - Vernon Hills, IL

"I like your park and your great Christian atmosphere. I also like your service and fields. I love your prices and I love going to the fun BIG GAMES!!!!!" - Clayton P. - Salem, WI

"This park is cool." - Steve Y. - Gurnee, IL

"God bless and thank you very much for Promised Land Paintball." - Jake S. - Lake Mills, WI

"We have a church youth group paintball day planned. I heard of you on the 105.3 FM "The FISH" and thought this would be a great adventure." - Julie S. - Wind Lake, WI

"I've been paintballing at Promised Land Paintball for the past year. Your park is by far the best that I've ever been to." - Piotr B. - Bensenville, IL

"I can't wait to get the family back there to paintball. This year we'll have some additions, our daughter and her boyfriend plan to attend. Also, good friends of ours and their son plan to play. See you soon." - Jim G. - Waukesha, WI

"Playing at Promised Land Paintball was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had in the four years I've been playing the sport. They have a fantastic staff - even the refs are good. Their fields are huge, but yet very well thought out and set up. If you haven't been there before, get over there! You'll have a blast!" - Dale M. - Eagle, WI

"Paintball ministries Rock!" - Joshua T. - Madison, WI

"I enjoyed my visit to Promised Land Paintball. Thanks and God bless." - Tim K. - Valpariso, IN

"I have so many fond memories of your paintball fields! May God bless you and yours." - Pastor John H. - Zion, IL

"I've played at Promised Land Paintball once and I can't wait to come back. Your staff is great!" - Chris H. - Glen Ellyn, IL

"You guys are awesome and offer an incredible service to help build the Kingdom of God. Paintball is our number one outreach activity to unchurched teens. Thank you so much." - Kyle F. - Director of Family Ministries - Cornerstone Church - Waukesha, WI

"I'm a new member of the Promised Land Paintball Club. On behalf of my family and friends and others, I have been searching the web and elsewhere to understand the extent and quality, or lack thereof, of the sport of paintball. My findings are showing overwhelmingly that Promised Land Paintball has by far the best layout, creative games, and most games in a day. No one else offers a Family Friendly environment. And NO ONE else includes lunch with your group rate entry fee!" - Ron B. - Germantown, WI

"Thanks for your family. You guys run a great field. May God richly bless you all. See you soon." - Mike K. - McHenry, IL

"Your park looks cool." - Eric T. - Roselle, IL

"I like the family atmosphere." - Ben G. - Lake Bluff, IL

"Thank you! I was kind of growing apart from my brother and dad so I invited them to come play paintball with me. None of us had ever played before. It was even better than I expected. It was awesome! We had the time of our lives! We're still thinking about it! We started bonding together again. We can't wait to come back to play. I was really impressed with EVERYTHING at Promised Land Paintball. Your ministry is a really a good witness and your family is such a blessing. Thank you so much! God bless!" - Chris B. - Lake Geneva, WI

"Thank you very much! I'm very excited. I'm going to sign up for membership and go to Promised Land Paintball as much as I can. I'm also going to tell all of my friends about Promised Land Paintball. They will love playing paintball with me all the time. I'll see you soon." - Miranda B. - Kenosha, WI

"It was so fun." - Aaron Y. - Gurnee, IL

"Praise God for paintball! Your park is everything one would expect from a Christian family. I love EVERYTHING about Promised Land Paintball! Keep up the great work! I'll be back soon!" - Greg H. - Wauconda, IL

"Very nice! Promised Land Paintball has a dynamic ministry outreach that is such a blessing to others. I love the paintball ministry so much. Supporting paintball ministries is something I feel strongly about. It's all about the eternal rewards and the sowing of incorruptible seeds. Paintball is simply a really cool vehicle we're blessed to use for Christ's gain and glory. Jesus reigns! Take care, God bless & Game On!" - Paul P. - Albany, NY

"Your park is the greatest. I can't wait until Opening Day. See you soon." - Scott H. - Vernon Hills, IL

"I attended your park with a friend's youth group and I really enjoyed it. I would like to bring my group. Thank you." - Andrew S. - Itasca, IL

"Thanks for your services. I'll be there soon." - Kurt S. - Gurnee, IL

"Your park is the best. I had a blast. Thanks." - TJ M. - Lake Villa, IL

"WOW! Amazing park and great staff. I played there for the first time and loved it so much that I became a member. You have reasonable prices, quality products, and a great environment! I love the fields and the games! Thanks a lot. I look forward to coming back REAL SOON!!!" - Nick H. - Waukesha, WI

"Promised Land is the best." - Steve Y. - Gurnee, IL

"We drove over 2 hours to get to your park. I came with a friend's youth group. It was my first time paintballing. Once I saw your park and many fields, I was in Heaven. The whole day was jam packed with fun, fun and more fun. I love your prices, equipment, facilities, and atmosphere! Your refs were very friendly and helped me with everything I needed. I haven't been able to stop telling my friends about your park. I had the most fun I ever experienced and can't wait to come back with my friends again to play your amazing fields and games." - Justin B. - Sheboygan, WI

"Thanks a bunch. Keep up the good work. :) - Noah Z. - Green Bay, WI

"I had such a great time. I would like to join the club. Thank you." - Chad M. - Kenosha, WI

"I brought the kids from my church youth group and we had a great time! God's blessing to you all!" - Pastor Ben W. - West Allis, WI

"You have the best paintball site." - Mark T. - Australia

"I played at the last BIG GAME with my friend. I enjoyed it and hope to become a member." - Paul B. - Barrington, IL

"I had more fun than I've had in a long time." - Danny Clayton - The FISH 105.3 FM ><> On Air Personality

"God has his hand on paintball for sure!! I read an article about your field on and was very impressed. God is really working through you and your field. I believe that He is working through the entire Paintball industry. I really like your idea of letting Pastors and their wives play FREE! I'm amazed how precisely and swiftly The Good Lord works!! Keep up the good work! May God richly bless you and your family!" - Sam B. - Oregon

"We were there for The FISH 105.3 FM day and had such a blast." - Ivan B. - Racine, WI

"I heard about your park from one of our city planners who is doing some work on our road. He said that you guys were awesome and I should check you out. I just love this ministry and look forward to using your facilities. Have a blessed day!" - John P. - Machesney Park, IL

"I love your place! I have yet to find another that compares. I like your facilities and atmosphere and love your fields, games, and park setting! Promised Land Paintball blows all the others out of the water by far. I hope to become a member. I really want to come with my church youth group. Good job on making such an awesome place!!" - Jake S. - McHenry, IL

"Your park is the BEST!! I love the service, atmosphere, park setting, facilities, rentals and fields! After leaving, I count down the days to the next BIG GAME." Andrew A. - Lake Villa, IL

"Our group had an awesome and very memorable time. An incredible gift you gave to all and thanks can't be said enough! Again thanks. I can hardly wait to get back to play again with my buddies. Thanks again and blessings to you and all of yours." - Eric P. - Eagle, WI

"Thanks. What a wonderful staff. It was a fun day! I couldn't believe how much fun it was. We'll be back and will bring others as well. Thanks again. Thanks for providing a safe family atmosphere." - Nancy R. - Dousman, WI

"I've played at your park about 10 times and have loved it from the start. I like your prices and park setting and love your fields, games, atmosphere and service!" - Richard P. - Chicago, IL

"I can't thank you enough! You really are awesome. You're the best!!! Our whole family looks forward to seeing you again soon." - Eric G. - Libertyville, IL

"This place is awesome to play at." - Barry S. - Gurnee, IL

"I loved playing here." - Nate D. - Kenosha, WI

"I had a lot of fun." - Aaron M. - Brookfield, WI

"I've been a member for several years now and consider Promised Land Paintball my home field. I'm a recreational player and have played at all the Chicagoland fields and consider Promised Land the best field to play at. I appreciate the time and commitment your family has put into the fields and your dedication to your customers. I consider it a privilege to be a member. Promised Land is a great place to play and the word is spreading. Your BIG GAMES are getting larger each year and your membership is growing. A safe environment is a fun environment. Your brother in Christ," - Ed M. - Mundelein, IL

"I had a Great Time!! I would like to have my Bible Study Group or Men's Ministry come and play!! It would be Awesome!! Again, Thanks for the Great Memories and I hope to see you again soon! God bless!" - Joe P. - Oconomowoc, WI

"We had so much fun!!! Thank you so much. My son wants to play when he is here visiting. My son lives with his dad in Montana and is not a believer so anything we can do that might give him that little push. May God continue to Bless you in all you do." - Carrie S. - Germantown, WI

"Excellent park. I like the prices, atmosphere, and service and I love the fields, games, facilities and park setting. Lots of fun. I plan on playing every BIG GAME. If you're not a member, definitely become one." - Paul B. - South Barrington, IL

"I just wanted to say thank you for being such a blessing to law and military personnel. It may not seem like much to some people, but it means a lot to all of us who are serving or have served that people like yourselves would sacrifice an entire day of profits to support and appreciate us with your annual Law & Military Appreciation Day. Your sacrifice, thanks, and encouragement are greatly appreciated by all of us. Thank you for all that you do! Blessings on you." - Jeff G. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"I brought my two sons with me. The fact that you even allowed us to play with church youth groups we had no connection with speaks volumes of the heart of grace that you have for people, and the discernment it took for you to make this decision. I think you know that is no credit to you, but GOD, whose I.Q. is vastly greater than ours. To HIM it was a " no brainer". If you knew the needs that my son's have, there need to relate and play "WHOLESOME'' , real fun things, with Christians who value others, and your staff who valued them and looked out after there needs like friends, among so many others with so many needs. I'm grateful, so grateful. Kindness leads people to repentance. Thank You for being so kind with so many. One of the things you inspired me with is to take my sons and or daughter down there to play learning to honor and follow directions. HAVING FUN doing it. You have inspired me. Or was that JESUS? Thank YOU for inviting us back. I too had FUN. I was 13 years old again in a 46 year old old body. In the last game at the 10 second count down for some reason the opposing team was driven out of range. My 16 year old son moved out of coverage to go for the flag. I instinctively jumped out and ran down to cover him. Both he and I made it before the ending horn sounded. Big deal. Right? NOT so, if you only knew what that that little accomplishment will do for my son. He was vindicated, that helped to redeem his success to a boy who said he was a failure at everything. THANK YOU for making this possible. I am grateful and drawn to tears at the thought of it. He could not stop talking about it. May Jesus have his heart through this new start. May He bless you and multiply your abilities. Keep it simple, Christ-centered, grace and truth filled fun. Thank you so much. I am blessed. Thank you. Your vision is from God." - Ron B. - Germantown, WI

"Thanks for yet another great day of paintball. I just got back from your field and I had so much fun you wouldn't believe it. All your staff and family are so nice. I love your fields and your rules." - Ryan C. - Antioch, IL

"Promised Land Paintball is a great place to have fun with friends and family. I like the games, rentals, park setting, and family atmosphere and I love the fields and service!" - Jordan B. - Libertyville, IL

"Thanks! This will be our third or fourth time to Promised Land Paintball and we're always excited to come play." - Rick C. - Libertyville, IL

"Thank you, I enjoyed your park." - Ryan D. - Lake Villa, IL

"I am a member and plan to come to every game this year." - Andy A. - Lake Villa, IL

"Thank you! I want to bring my son, my friend and his son there for my sons 14th birthday party. Thank you so much! I never had so much fun as I did while playing paintball there! Thanks again!" - Mike H. - Waukesha, WI

"Your fields are nice." - Jordan D. - Door County, WI

"My son has been at your park several times and has had a wonderful time." - Liz U. - Lake Zurich, IL

"We had another great time at Promised Land today. Our daughter and her friends played paintball for the first time today and also had a wonderful time They all become members. They talked about their great day the whole hour drive back home." - Beverly G. - Waukesha, WI

"I've played there many times and I just want to say it's a great, great place. Thank you." - Jeff B. - Antioch, IL

"I just wanted to let you know that we love to come and play. We hope to see you in August when we can bring my 14 year old son who is not a believer. We're working on him though. :-) Thanks for all you are doing!!!" - Carrie S. - Germantown, WI

"I came with a huge group. I'd just like to say what a great time I had and will definitely be returning and have already recommended Promised Land to many family and friends. Thanks again and God bless." - Stephen B. - Libertyville, IL

"It was great seeing you guys! Thanks and we love and miss you." - Christal K. - Glendale, WI

"My son and I would like to become members of the Promised Land Paintball Club. We played with our church group and enjoyed it very much. We are both Christians who are looking for some weekend fun in a Christian environment, and we both enjoy paintball. Thanks and God bless." - Michael H. - Antioch, IL

"Promised Land is geared for teens. I appreciate what you're doing." - Michael R. - Waukesha, WI

"I had an amazing time. Thank you so much. I'm so happy I'm a member and can't wait to come back and play again." - Tyler C. - Grayslake, IL

"We had a great day. The paintballing was outstanding, the facility was awesome, and all the staff were great. Everyone had a servant attitude, and that helped make this outing a hit with our students. We'll be back. Thanks again." - Steve Worsham - Kenosha Bible Church Youth Pastor

"I was really impressed. I've seen a lot of places and your place was the nicest place I've ever seen." - Michael B. - Berwyn, IL

"I like your rules, especially the ones about good behavior and no paintball team jerseys. I also like that you have no HPA or Nitro and no Speedball. I enjoy playing on your natural courses (i.e. wooded, brush, and open fields) because they allow for a more tactical game." - Bob Z. - Oshkosh, WI

"Looks like a cool place." - Steven W. - Caledonia, WI

"Thanks again for another great season! You guys do a fantastic job and have a wonderful ministry. Your brother in Christ," - Garreck G. - Zion, IL

"I had fun last year." - Matt R. - Antioch, IL

"I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Jake N. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"I'm the Sports Ministry leader in our church and we really look forward to playing paintball at your facility." - Ryan S. - Waunakee, WI

"One of the best parks around." - Alexander T. - Winnetka, IL

"I LOVE everything about Promised Land Paintball!" - Eldon B. - Indian Harbor Beach, FL

"I still have never seen another paintball park operated as well as Promised Land Paintball. Keep up the good work. You help keep paintball's good name." - Adam C. - Lake Forest, IL

"Your park is awesome." - Jesse G. - McHenry, IL

"After bringing our Youth Group to Promised Land, we've been able to reach kids that seemed to be unreachable. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for doing God's work." - Dan C. - Glenview, IL

"Thanks so much!" - Beth F. - Union Grove, WI

"Thank you for a wonderful day of fun and fellowship!" - Lisa D. - Kenosha, WI

"Excellent!" - Liz C. - Beach Park, IL

"Thank you." - Steve P. - Kenosha, WI

"Thank you for a wonderful day." - Sue H. - Kenosha, WI

"It was a blast!" - Nadean C. - Kenosha, WI

"We had a great time! Thanks!" - Megan M. - Racine, WI

"What a fabulous day! May God bless your generosity!" - Lynette T. - Waukegan, IL

"You ALL ROCK!!" - Joann C. - Kenosha, WI

"I am so thankful for the work that you and your family puts out to make Promised Land work. It makes it much easier to invite a friend to a church outing if we are going paintballing. I fully support your goal as an outreach. As if you haven't heard this enough, Promised Land is the best place around. More importantly, your goals are God-centered and He blessed Promised Land for it." - Brandon N. - Wadsworth, IL

"It was SO much fun!" - Sheila R. - Racine, WI

"After all these years, you guys are still the best park I have ever been to. I tell my buddies only good things because that is what has been shown to me. I love everything about Promised Land." - Scott C. - Grayslake, IL

"Thanks so much for EVERYTHING. It was terrific!" - Wendy, R. - Kenosha, WI

"It was a great day! Thanks again." - Pat B. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"It was awesome!" - Sue H. - Union Grove, WI

"Dear Pinter Family, Thank you so much for your generosity. We are so thankful that you would stage this terrific day for our school. The kids had a great time and are anxious to return. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your family and Promised Land beyond even your wildest dreams! Again thank you!!" - Heidi T. - Kenosha, WI

"Thank you so much. May God bless you!" - Wendy Y. - Racine, WI

"One of my bros played there. This is what he said: 'Very very nice. The best paintball park I've ever played at. I had more fun than ever before. I liked the games and the facilities and loved the prices, fields, atmosphere and service.' Looks like I'll have to get out there soon." - Stephen B. - California

"PAINTBALL RULES." - Paula S. - Burlington, WI

"The main reason I like paintball is that I can spend some time with my son. It is really satisfying that my son and I can do something together that we both like." - Gary B. - Genoa City, WI

"A Christian paintball park is a really cool concept. Thanks and God bless." - Nick V. - Menomonee Falls, WI

"Thank you! We had a nice time!" - Tammy W. - Milwaukee, WI

"It was my first time and it was really fun." - Zach P. - Antioch, IL

"My son's adult group was just there with his church and they had a wonderful time! We have some young men that would like to bring their younger brothers. Much thanks." - Angela K. - Crystal Lake, IL

"I've taken our church youth group to many places, but Promised Land Paintball is by far the biggest and the best." - Karl R. - Cedarburg, WI

"You guys are great. WE love coming there." - Garth E. - Elkhorn, WI

"My son and I had a great time. We really like the safe environment and your good rental equipment." - Rocco P. - Mundelein, IL

"Thanks for all the memories." - John H. - Zion, IL

"The most excellent park I've ever been to! I've been to Paintball Blitz, and your fields and prices are considerably better. I like your rentals and love your games, facilities, park setting, family atmosphere and service! I LOVE YOUR PARK!!!" - Bob O. - Grayslake, IL

"I'm a Youth Group Leader at my church. I heard about your paintball park through my husband, who has goes to your park with his cousins, who are members. Thank you so much! Have a Jesus-filled day!" - Melissa K. - Waukegan, IL

"I have been looking for a Christian paintball group for some time and now I've found it." - Ryan W. - Milwaukee, WI

"Thanks again for a GREAT day. WE have heard so many great comments and encouragements and I know a big part of that is because of how well organized and creative and loving you all are. Thanks again to your whole family and staff. God bless." - Curt B. - Antioch, IL

"Thank you so much. I plan on playing paintball there again. Have A Great Day!!" - Amanda K. - Antioch, IL

"I am 58 years old. I started playing paintball 2 years ago at Promised Land Paintball. I first got interested in paintball by watching my son get his paintball gear ready and the enthusiasm he and his friends showed about playing paintball. My son has been a referee at Promised Land for 2 years and he calls it his dream job.
I love playing "woods" paintball because it is a chance to be outdoors and get a lot of exercise. It has also been a chance to meet new people of all ages and make some new friends. Once you get on the field and start playing, the age or gender of the players is not a factor. My first year at Promised Land I was able to capture the flag and Promised Land awarded me a "Medal Of Valor" for being the oldest player to capture the flag!!!! I repeated this year by capturing the flag again - not bad for an old guy. When I got the flag it was such an adrenaline rush and I was smiling so big I felt like my ears would fall off. I felt really good. I noticed that this year I have a couple of younger players that hang out by me at the start of the games and ask which way are WE going to go?
As for starting paintball at age 56 all I can say is - just do it. I was lucky to have my son and the excellent staff at Promised Land help me get started in paintball.
You do not have to run like crazy to be a paintballer and gave a good time, those who sit and wait can also contribute to a team effort. Remember the old saying that there are no stupid questions - most paintballers are glad to answer any of your questions. That way they can show off about how much they know. :)
I can not say enough about how well Promised Land is run after I have seen other paintball fields. At the end of the day when you are tired and are leaving the paintball park you should feel that it was fun and you can't wait till next time.
My co-workers can not believe I will spend all day at Promised Land and actually do it every month. They are invited every time I go. My wife likes the fact that my son & I have something to do together that we both love. My friends also would like to play. Thanks. :)" - Gary B. - Genoa City, WI

"Thanx for keeping up this great park." - Connor K. - Gurnee, IL

"I participated in a group paintball outing with my church youth group and we had a great time. Keep up the good work and may God bless your efforts!" - Tony, M. - Lake Zurich, IL

"My fiance was out with a few friends Saturday for the first time to you place for a day of paintballing. They had a ball . . . (haha). They can't wait to come back. I just wanted to let you know that it was a hit and they will be back! We're going to have a party at your place - just a fun day of paintballing! I just wanted to write and say 'thanks' again." - Amy B. - Delavan, WI

"I appreciate your park and the fun I have had playing there over the last 3 years. Keep up the good work." - Joe P. - Colorado

"I have not stopped dreaming and creating ideas for the enhancement of the ministry and my boys are taking an interest in helping out. Thank you. In Him. Shalom." - Ron B. - Germantown, WI

"I was at the BIG GAME yesterday. It was my first time and it was a memorable experience. All I can think about is the revolutionary war game." - Michael M. - Kenilworth, IL

"I enjoyed being a member of Promised Land this year. Thank you." - Nick S. - Pleasant Prairie, WI

"Thank you so much. I had a wonderful weekend of paintball. Last Saturday was my first BIG GAME as a member and I enjoyed every minute. Thanks again." - Chris S. - Antioch, IL

"You guys went above and beyond. God bless." - Matt N. - Kenosha, WI

"Thanks. We all had fun." - John S. - Gurnee, IL

"Thank you again for making our church's first paintball outing a memorable one. Thank you very much. Take care." - Nat B. - Schaumburg, IL

"I had a great time. The scenario games are really thought out and the fields are even better. I like the prices and rental equipment and I love the facilities, park setting, family atmosphere and customer service." - James G. - Lake Villa, IL

"Looking forward to this new season. :-)" - Andrew G. - Ingleside, IL

"I love your park." - Shawn T. - Camp Lake, WI

"Thank you for sharing the day with everyone. We are fortunate to experience a good time with our friends at Promised Land making us all feel welcome. We had an excellent time and a perfect day." - Glen S. - Germantown, WI

"I had an awesome time! Thanks so much!" - Garrett B. - Germantown, WI

"Thank you for having me. I had such a fun time. Your paintball park is the best I have ever played at. You all are awesome." - Tommy C. - Germantown, WI

"I had a fun time paintballing for the first time at Promised Land. Thanks so much." - Hannah W. - Germantown, WI

"Thank you for inviting me to your awesome paintball park. I had an awesome time! Hope to come again."- Jordan F. - Germantown, WI

"Thank you so much for letting us come and play, it gets better every year. Thanks again :-)" - Tim H. - Germantown, WI

"We just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANKS from First Assembly and the student ministries department! We appreciate you and ALL the work you put into making the day possible. Thanks as well for the generous donation to the youth center!!! We appreciate your family so much." - Pastor Jon & Janet Brown - First Assembly of God Church - Kenosha, WI

"When I played at Promised Land with my dad and brother, it was one of the most fun times in our entire lives. It actually brought us closer together." - Chris B. - Lake Geneva, WI


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